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Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials

2009-01-07 10:36:54 by iamrunegecko

As you can most likely see, i have making a lot of tutorials lately, this is because i have no ideas for a flash game, if anyone can give me some inspirations please do i will be very grateful. Anyway, i think i will be working on a Batch Chat tutorial sometime very soon. This Batch Chat tutorial will not use "Net Send" it will use a simple shared folder on a computer or a server. You could most likely use a FTP to.

Anyways please comment on anything you would like here, keep it clean or you will be put on the Block List.

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also could you all please comment on my new icon?

Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials


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2009-01-08 09:49:44

why not try a sim date bast of animal crossing I beleve that it will pass into they portal easly


2009-10-03 07:32:14

please... just die