Happy new year!

2009-01-01 10:30:18 by iamrunegecko

Happy new year everybody! This is my news post for this part of the month.
I have gotten flash 8 pro so i will be doing about 1-4 flash games / movies a week. I am currently working on getting a few more batch tutorials out there for all of you. I may do a few AS2 tutorials too.
I have also gotten Fruity loops 8 demo so i will be posting some good music.
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My programming forums.
Free batch tutorials


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2009-01-03 17:04:37

Nice tutorials.You should make more of these but AS2 tutorial? No,you should make AS3 tutorials,that's what is more needed now.

iamrunegecko responds:

i don't have AS3 capabilities. if i did i would be posting what i know. Thanks for an idea though.


2009-01-03 18:59:28

I hope there are more fake viruses. My friend thought she broke my computer when I shoed her!

iamrunegecko responds:

=] i will have a new version up soon, with alot more fakies you can do in notepad. keep in touch to see when its released.


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