News (December 17, 2008)

2008-12-17 15:31:09 by iamrunegecko

Well my trial for Flash MX has run out and i am currently running Liveswif a freeware flash animation tool using AS2 with no end dates. It works pretty good but has its limits. I plan on making some Tutorials with it, If anyone would like to request a Tutorial(s) just leave a comment or PM me. I am on NG just about everyday so i will be able to get right back to you and make the Tutorial, given i know what i am doing.
I should be getting a full copy of Flash 8 soon, then i will be pumping out my best games, i have some concepts in my head so get ready to hopefully be blown away.
WOOT!! I made $0.54 so far this December from the NG API. Get your API and start making cash now!
~-`Creation News`-~
Worst creation:
fastball and runescape wars (TIE)

Best creation:
Spec. OPS. sniper
I say this is the best because it is the first game i have made without using a Tutorial or any sample codes. Plus it made me 50 cents.
Batch Programing.
Free Batch Tutorials.
Runegecko Forums (to be remodeled soon.)
More to come, As if you care =]


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