News: (updated Novemder 24th 2008)

2008-10-09 16:22:46 by iamrunegecko

As you can probably tell a took a few days off newgrounds. More like week or two. I played some PS3 and thats about it. I am currently trying to find a Flash creation program like flash MX that is free without trials, if anyone knows where i can get one please contact me Via PM.

I really don't know what i am going to do next but i can tell you it will not be a movie, Being a fact that I suck at making Movies.

Visit my Thread on Batch Programing. there are many tutorials there. You can also Go Here for mor updated tutorials and Batch related things.

Newest creation:
Senor Pacdude - Pac-man like game.

Worst creation:
Runescape Wars - spoof about Runescape... TBH i think it should have been blammed.


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2008-11-17 18:57:03

Not much. One, Take more consideration to visuals. Visuals make or break a game. Streamline is a classic on this site, yet its a really simple concept. Two, Look at the other flash games on the site for inspiration in the art department. Other than that I suggest making a puzzle or point-n'-click game. They are simple to make and fun to play if enough variety is put in.

iamrunegecko responds:

Thanks for your words of wisdom and i will definitely take this into consideration during my next production.


2008-12-04 15:28:16

No flash creation ones but just torrent flash 8(the best i think) or buy it.

iamrunegecko responds:

k, i will try to torrent it.


2008-12-06 03:11:40

I`ll try2 save Mouse skills V1! vote plus!

iamrunegecko responds:

don't worry about it... worry about your own submissions, if my really bad wall avoider game is going to go down, so be it.


2008-12-15 16:16:25

Use Liveswif, it has all the functions of Flash MX 5, go to to get. It is completely free. I use it for my submissions. (Also, u need a serial # for flash 8 and stealing one is identity theft.)

iamrunegecko responds:

i will look into live swif. and i was not planning on stealing a serial