Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials

2009-01-07 10:36:54 by iamrunegecko

As you can most likely see, i have making a lot of tutorials lately, this is because i have no ideas for a flash game, if anyone can give me some inspirations please do i will be very grateful. Anyway, i think i will be working on a Batch Chat tutorial sometime very soon. This Batch Chat tutorial will not use "Net Send" it will use a simple shared folder on a computer or a server. You could most likely use a FTP to.

Anyways please comment on anything you would like here, keep it clean or you will be put on the Block List.

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also could you all please comment on my new icon?

Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials

Happy new year!

2009-01-01 10:30:18 by iamrunegecko

Happy new year everybody! This is my news post for this part of the month.
I have gotten flash 8 pro so i will be doing about 1-4 flash games / movies a week. I am currently working on getting a few more batch tutorials out there for all of you. I may do a few AS2 tutorials too.
I have also gotten Fruity loops 8 demo so i will be posting some good music.
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News (December 17, 2008)

2008-12-17 15:31:09 by iamrunegecko

Well my trial for Flash MX has run out and i am currently running Liveswif a freeware flash animation tool using AS2 with no end dates. It works pretty good but has its limits. I plan on making some Tutorials with it, If anyone would like to request a Tutorial(s) just leave a comment or PM me. I am on NG just about everyday so i will be able to get right back to you and make the Tutorial, given i know what i am doing.
I should be getting a full copy of Flash 8 soon, then i will be pumping out my best games, i have some concepts in my head so get ready to hopefully be blown away.
WOOT!! I made $0.54 so far this December from the NG API. Get your API and start making cash now!
~-`Creation News`-~
Worst creation:
fastball and runescape wars (TIE)

Best creation:
Spec. OPS. sniper
I say this is the best because it is the first game i have made without using a Tutorial or any sample codes. Plus it made me 50 cents.
Batch Programing.
Free Batch Tutorials.
Runegecko Forums (to be remodeled soon.)
More to come, As if you care =]

News: (updated Novemder 24th 2008)

2008-10-09 16:22:46 by iamrunegecko

As you can probably tell a took a few days off newgrounds. More like week or two. I played some PS3 and thats about it. I am currently trying to find a Flash creation program like flash MX that is free without trials, if anyone knows where i can get one please contact me Via PM.

I really don't know what i am going to do next but i can tell you it will not be a movie, Being a fact that I suck at making Movies.

Visit my Thread on Batch Programing. there are many tutorials there. You can also Go Here for mor updated tutorials and Batch related things.

Newest creation:
Senor Pacdude - Pac-man like game.

Worst creation:
Runescape Wars - spoof about Runescape... TBH i think it should have been blammed.

FPF is my flash version of Flipping Paddles, a game i made for windows. I am proud to have uploaded FPF to newgrounds. i am currently working on many features for this game.

Current version:
V1.1 (After todays upload)

XX = In next version
OO = Will take some time
^^ =in game now

Updates to come:
new buttons ^^
more music/sound effects XX
Multiplayer OO
Better graphics OO/XX/^^

Feel free to comment
Thanks for reading

Thnakyou NG

2008-09-27 08:08:36 by iamrunegecko

Thankyou all of NG for keeping my flash's alive even though they stink :)

FPB alpha news

2008-09-09 18:39:45 by iamrunegecko

I have started working on my windows game, Flaming PaintBall. There may or may not be a flash version of this game.